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New Clients



Step 1:

Fill out the New Client Questionnaire.




Step 2:

Expect a phone call or an email from us within 1 week of completing the New Client Questionnaire. We will then proceed with the remote process or schedule an in person appointment.




Step 3:

After your return is completed whether in person or remotely, Ray or Trevor, will go over the return and prepare it for signature. If your return was done remotely, then please look out for an email or a phone call approximately 1-2 weeks after we received the documents. Please call us at 844-829-2874 if we have not done so by two weeks. 

Step 4:

Accepted copies will be located in SmartVault. If you requested a paper copy, then we will mail one. Please understand that paper copies will not go out immediately. We do them in batches about once a week or so.