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Current Clients



Step 1:

Current Clients expect an appointment letter in the mail stating one of three appointment types between Jan 1st & Jan 21st:

  • ​Your Location
    • ​This is our traditional tax service where we come to you.  It originally set us apart from many other tax offices and Ray continues this service for his current clients on his route.  This requires a lot of preparation to minimize travel time between appointments. 
  • In-Office
    • ​Our office in Wildomar is separated from our house and is setup for handling those who want to come to us (appointments only.)  The office door is on the right side of the house. Please use this link to schedule your in-office appointment at your convenience or call us at (844) 829-2874.
  • Remote
    • SmartVault
      • Many lenders want your documents in a PDF format and your tax returns and documents are available 24/7.  If you have not activated, call us and we will send you an Activation Link.  Now all SmartVault clients can simply upload through an automated secure questionnaire, and we’ll prepare the return. Once the return is almost completed, we will send you a link to schedule a time to review. All the source documents and the tax return can be found in SmartVault once the return is completed.
    • Drop-Off​
      • Ray is on the road a lot during tax season.  We have installed a mail slot in our office door if you wish to just drop your paperwork off when we are not here.  The office door is on the side of the house. 
    • Mail-In
      • ​​​Originally designed for our Out-of-Towners, many clients mail their documents to us.  We have a secure mailbox to protect your information.  If you just have a few things, we suggest using our questionnaire.




.Step 2:

  • Your Location/In-Office: Gather all of your documents before appointment time






Step 3:

After your return is completed whether in person or remotely, Ray or Trevor, will go over the return and prepare it for signature. If your return was done remotely, then please look out for an email or a phone call approximately 1-2 weeks after we received the documents. Please call us at 844-829-2874 if we have not done so by two weeks. 

Step 4:

Accepted copies will be located in SmartVault. If you requested a paper copy, then we will mail one. Please understand that paper copies will not go out immediately. We do them in batches about once a week or so.